Pantry Rebuild

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Food Pantry House at 8823 Dayton Avenue in North Beach

  • 80 year-old building with structural issues
  • 1500 square feet size limits storage
  • Second floor not accessible for average 70 year old female volunteer
  • Small rooms limit sorting, packing, distribution
  • Built in storage shelves limit use of mobile shelving 
  • Wood decks limit receiving
  • Not ADA compliant
  • Not energy efficient
  • Unpaved parking with pot holes

10 year plan


The Ladies of Charity Calvert County address the needs of those in our community through both traditional ministries and innovative programs designed to meet the challenges of a changing population and uncertain resources.

strategic plan Goals

  • To restore the Pantry building with expanded capabilities to serve those in need. 
  • To evaluate and develop innovative or expanded programs to enhance the services provided through the Pantry and existing ministries that address food insecurity.
  • To develop programs designed to recruit new members to the LCCC and motivate members and others to increase their level of volunteer service to our ministries. 
  • To identify and implement programs to increase the LCCC’s involvement with and support to our local communities (primarily but not limited to North Beach and Chesapeake Beach).
  • To identify the populations of aging persons and those who are homebound and develop programs to address the issues of isolation and needs (nutritional, financial, emotional, and spiritual).
  • To develop and implement both traditional and innovative fundraising programs to ensure sufficient funding for the solvency of the LCCC, to support its existing and new ministries and programs, and provide funding flexibility to respond to immediate, unanticipated expenses.

Proposed Food Pantry House at 8823 Dayton Avenue in North Beach

  • Designed for the next 30 years
  • 3000+ square feet ADA compliant, energy efficient building with concrete floor
  • Interior – open floor plan for receiving, sorting, storing, packing and distribution
  • Mobile shelving to maximize flexibility
  • Exterior – residential appearance, fixed overhang on north and west side, vinyl siding
  • Paved parking
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